Read about how a young man’s dream came true . . .
He spent the day with his idol, Frankie Laine!

Reaching for a Star by CRAIG CRONBAUGH




cover2This book is a must-read for those who are either Frankie Laine fans, those who cherish the “golden age” of music, musicians, readers of memoirs, or those who simply believe that dreams can come true.

Young musician (drummer) Craig Cronbaugh had a dream to meet his idol—legendary singer Frankie Laine. Even though Laine was popular during the era of Craig’s parents, Craig loved Frankie’s ability to adapt his voice to any style of song and sing with such dynamic emotion.

Author_Photo_Craig_Cronbaugh_copyAuthor Craig Cronbaugh

This memoir touches upon the author's life, music career, and friendship with famed singer Frankie Laine (That's My Desire, Mule Train, Jezebel, That Lucky Old Sun, Rawhide, and many, many others.) The book imparts an entertaining and honest account of certain events in the author's life. These events, accompanied by subsequent ties with Laine over the years, have neatly woven the chapters together. This tome, originally published two years before Laine's death in 2007, provides not only a glimpse into the lives of fan and celebrity, but also provides validation to all who believe that some dreams do come true.


frankieFrankie Laine—2005

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Remembering Frankie Laine

In a classroom setting, Craig Cronbaugh presents his rare and vast collection of memorabilia representing the 60-year career of this legendary entertainer. Craig shares his collection of film clips, pictures, records, and DVDs during this presentation, which also includes stories about his long friendship with Frankie.



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Author Craig Cronbaugh of Des Moines, Iowa, published Reaching for a Star: A Memoir of My Life, My Music, and My Friendship with Famed Singer Frankie Laine in 2005.

Craig’s good friend, Wendol Jarvis, former manager (retired) of the Iowa Film Office in Des Moines, had asked John Busbee of The Culture Buzz radio program on KFMG 98.9 FM in Des Moines to meet with Craig, focusing on Craig’s past and present work in the music business. The subsequent meeting resulted in Craig being interviewed about his book by John for the program.

Des Moines and culture are conjoined in a whirlwind of lively guests and conversation on KFMG’s The Culture Buzz. Host John Busbee is a familiar face on the scene and is uniquely qualified to guide listeners through the arts, music, theatre and more.

“Craig Cronbaugh rightfully perpetuates the career of a musical talent whose contributions far exceed his pivotal singing in the theme songs of the TV show ‘Rawhide’ and the classic Mel Brooks film, ‘Blazing Saddles.’ He weaves this story into his own career memoir.”

– The Culture Buzz

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Frankie Laine—1950s


Craig and Frankie—1985


Craig and Frankie—1998


Craig Cronbaugh—1976

“This book reads like an intimate personal account, which gives it a leg up over
books that speak of a biography in an impersonal way.”

—DAVID MILLER, host and producer of the music radio program Swingin’ Down the Lane (National Public Radio)